History and people


These strong stems with beautiful grapes, like the soul of Codru forests, are intertwined with a history dating back to 1420, when the village of Vorniceni was first mentioned in chronicles.

Vorniceni village


Strong stems still keep in memory the image of the renowned peasant Ion Alexandru Grosu, immortalized in the film "Boars", made in 1974.

Film "Vierii"


“Vornic” winery was created in 2016 due to the love for the native land, customs of ancestors and family traditions of the village of Vorniceni, and appeared simultaneously with the founding of “Miron Vladimir Cheorghe” peasant farm.


At the base of the pyramid lie 36 years dedicated to winemaking by Vladimir Miron, who is the heart and the brain of this project. And Grigorii Miron, an agronomist and his brother, constantly works with him side by side. Economic and financial activities are carried out by his wife, Natalia, a certified specialist in finance and accounting.


The young generation, the son George, a graduate of Via University of Marketing and Management (Horsens, Denmark) is responsible for promoting the product within the country and abroad.


Vineyards and winemaking

   The vineyards of “Vornic” winery with the total area of 8.5 ha containing selected Sauvignon and Rhine Riesling varieties, inherited, thanks to the tireless dedication of the workers of the 1970s, the nectar of spring, the sweetness of summer, the richness of autumn and the silence of winter.
   Good wine is a story. A wonderful story of man and product formation. From a bud - a flower, from a flower - a bunch of grapes, from a bunch of grapes - a life-giving drink. This complex metaphor contains a real, creative, thorough and very interesting process, which is being implemented within the framework of ASW Program, aimed at supporting new small wine producers.
   The basis of wine production represents the vast experience accumulated during the wine-making activities, and the knowledge gained during study visits to the USA, Germany, Italy and France.



Vornic Winery

Vornic Winery

Moldova MD-3736,
s. Vorniceni, r. Straseni,
tel. (+373) 237 463 44,
mob. (+373) 693 50 970